"Angie is amazing! She has been my massage therapist for over 6 years on a monthly basis and I have often recommended her to friends and colleagues. She not only has excellent massage technique, she is also very attentive and holistic in her approach. Angie listens to the body on an energetic and intuitive level, allowing for deep healing and relaxation. Her mindful and holistic approach to massage is a beautiful expression of who she is."

- Heather

"I started going to Angie about 2 years ago.  I have had lower back pain for over 10 years after back surgery. My hip was really beginning to bother me and affecting my daily routine.  Angie was very careful with my body and helped to loosen me up!  After a car accident earlier this year I was in bad shape, I saw Angie weekly and I know that without her skilled touch my recovery period would have been twice as long.  I come in weekly now.  With all the stresses of life piled on so much that I feel like a have a turtle shell for a back, but when Angie is finished... I am one with the massage table, a complete pancake! :)  Stress reduction has been key to my well being, do yourself a huge favor and go see her!"

- Kelly

"I highly recommend Angie Ringwald for both yoga instruction and massage.  I have been informing everyone I know that I am feeling the best I have ever felt in my life.  Besides eating better and getting more sleep, I know practicing yoga and massage are key reasons for this.

I have been attending a yoga class led by Angie for about a year.  I have seen great improvement in my flexibility, stamina and health.  I am extending myself to try new things.  My yoga practice is modified due to migraines and Angie is very knowledgeable on alternative poses and prop supported poses which gives me choices.  It seems like every class she has a new pose for the class to try.

I have started to have two massages a month.  Besides focusing on relaxing, we are focusing on stress awareness and reduction and stretching and relaxing a shoulder that was injured in a car accident 20 years ago.  While the injury had healed, I am finding that I use that arm more and it is more flexible.  Angie’s knowledge of anatomy and having more than one type of massage method gives her options to respond to what my body needs from week to week."

- Cindy 

"After being a victim of a hit and run car accident, I tried every treatment that my insurance would allow including physical therapy, Dr. visits, chiropractic care and massage.  Of all these treatments, the massage seemed to be the most effective. 

I've received treatment from Angie for about 8 months. She has a very extensive range in power and techniques, unlike some other one-dimensional massage therapists whom I've been treated by. I would always leave her sessions completely relaxed. She is very thorough in her treatments and seemed to design a massage that would cater to my specific injuries. I never felt like she ignored any certain area or camped on other areas too long. Angie is very punctual and organized. Great record keeping allowed her to closely monitor my progression and seamlessly transition from one treatment to the next. Thanks to Angie's treatments I am able to work and maintain my athletic lifestyle once again with relative ease."

- Anthony    

"Angie's work is a blessing to those who receive her touch. A massage therapist of her skill is a rare treat.  Her sense of knowing of what, where, when and how has helped my body to relax and heal. Sometimes I think I did training just so Angie could work out any stress, tension or kinks. She's good! Everyone should have an Angie."

- Malik    

"Angie is a phenomenal massage therapist. Her technical prowess and intuitive knack are world-class. My day job is very sedentary and stressful, and it makes me very tense. With help from Angie I am able to let go of much of that stress and focus more on the things in life I enjoy. Her knowledge of my body and needs improves with each session, making her work continually more efficient, and she is always communicating, asking how she can improve or what areas need more focused work on any given day. Regular sessions with Angie are among the best investments I have ever made for my spiritual and physical well-being and I highly recommend her to anyone in need of massage therapy."

- Ewan